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Release: August 2011


1 Deep lakes
2 Look in the mirror
3 Borderline love affair
4 The photographer
5 Last swimmer on Earth
6 Erasmus
7 Possibilities
8 Delusional
9 Ghost animals

Sarah Schuster are:
Daniela Dal Zotto (lead vocals and guitar)
Matteo Mosele (drums and background vocals)
Eleonora Dal Zotto (guitar, harmonica and background vocals)

Recorded and mixed between April and May 2011 at Bunker Studio in Rubiera (RE) by Andrea Rovacchi, except for background vocals and G Gasparin’s guitar in Ghost animals and Deep Lakes, drums in Delusional and Erasmus (recorded at Haunted Studio in Castelgomberto (VI) by Nicola Reka Frigo).
Deep lakes, Look in the mirror, The photographer: artistic production by Giovanni Ferrario.
Music and lyrics by Sarah Schuster.
Look in the mirror was written with Giovanni Ferrario.
Published by: A Buzz Supreme.
Artwork: distillatodesign
Photos: Claudio Felline, Giulia Orlando



“Possibilities is a neat little number that will end up becoming a cult album”
Lino Brunetti - BUSCADERO no. 336 July-August 2011


“The band's maturity is striking: their second album displays the authoritativeness of veteran musicians”.
Bizarre - BLOW UP no. 158-159 July/August 2011


“Sarah Schuster's second album confirms their talent and, while marking the change from a quartet to a trio, involves guest stars like Giovanni Ferrario, Andrea Rovacchi, and Gi Gasparin. Bassless by choice, the band from Vicenza has released nine tracks that are suspended between crepuscular blues, folk, and 90's-style indie rock. The guitars of the two sisters Daniela and Eleonora Dal Zotto – the former being a very versatile and expressive singer – brilliantly balance roughness and melody supported by Matteo Mosele's creative drums. Good tracks and a nice mood with a velvety tension, which, in a couple of tracks - Erasmus, Delusional – bursts out with a great impetus”.
Federico Guglielmi - IL MUCCHIO no. 684-685 July/August 2011


“Possibilities is one of those albums you have no doubt buying, you listen to nonstop, and you love with no reserve”.
Angela Maiello - ROCKIT

“No bass and no fear”
Barbara Santi - RUMORE no. 234-235 July-Agosto 2011

“like fire under ash, it’s bound to come out more and more”
Simone Bardazzi - ROCKERILLA no. 373 September 2011

“How would Polly Jean Harvey sound with a spritz aperitif in her hand? She would sound like the Schusters”.
Riccardo Marra - ustation.it

“How difficult can it be to repeat the success of a great debut album, especially when you change formation? Well, without asking themselves too many questions, the Schusters have hit the bull’eye again”
Jacopo Ravagnan - sherwood.it

“Possibilities is as rough as a more contentious, less hieratic Anna Calvi, like a tomboy under the influence of the “hardest” rock from the 50s on.”
Paolo D'Alessandro - lisolachenoncera.it

“The sound of “Possibilities” reminds us of a number of other artists, but it's absolutely unique in its non-genre”
Fabiana Giovanetti - youthless fanzine

"Possibilities is melancholic blues and hard rock, neurotic post punk and a sunny country track of one minute or more. This Italian trio goes from folk blues to some ballads, which resemble Nick Cave and PJ Harvey at the same time"

“Given the makings, I’m dying to see them play live”
Lucy Van Pelt - breakfastjumpers.blogspot.com


“Possibilities” is the second LP by Sarah Schuster, the Italian band from Vicenza made up of Daniela Dal Zotto (guitar, vocals), her sister Eleonora Dal Zotto (guitar), and Matteo Mosele (drums).

The Schusters have recently become a trio and have decided to leave behind the dry and raw sound of their 2009 debut album Rain From Mars to look for new “possibilities”.

They have therefore started composing better-structured  tracks, where guitar plots no longer oppose vocal melodies in an outburst of 90’s post-rock, but go hand in hand with introspective lyrics and the melodic characteristics of Daniela’s voice, which makes the band’s tracks very convincing.

Despite the limitations imposed by self-production, “Possibilities” is the result of the band’s artistic growth combined with the creative contribution of Andrea Rovacchi (Julie’s Haircut) and Giovanni Ferrario (Micevice, Hugo Race, PJ Harvey).

The album was mainly recorded in Rubiera, near Reggio Emilia – at “Bunker Studio” – by Andrea Rovacchi, who, thanks to the multifaceted experience acquired with Julie’s Haircut, was able to find the sound that the band was looking for.

For his part, Giovanni Ferrario, was in charge of the artistic production of “Deep lakes” and “The photographer”, and co-composed  “Look in the mirror”, giving the album a precise direction that the Schusters had no hesitation in following.


Sarah Schuster are Daniela Dal Zotto, Matteo Mosele and Eleonora Dal Zotto. They have been playing together since 2006. They live in Vicenza, and write their songs in English.

Sarah Schuster’s songs combine a blues sound with post-rock arrangements, folk melodies with indie discord.

Their composition style is straightforward but never banal.

The lack of a bass disrupts traditional schemes and drives the band to find new arrangements, which vary from the solidity of classic rock to more intimate and rarefied atmospheres.

Vocals are in the foreground, with Daniela’s voice and guitar often triggering the creative process within the band.

Eleonora’s guitar and Matteo’s drums are more and more characteristic and recognisable, both exploring new ways while at the same time reinforcing the rhythmic and dynamic synchrony between them.